How To Gain Weight If You Are Naturally Thin

Are you naturally skinny & thin, you might be constantly struggling to know how to gain weight. You might be worried about enhancing your looks and body image in your friend circle. Whatever your reason for your decision to put some weight on, do it in a healthy harmless way. Here is a step-by-step process on how to gain some weight in a healthy manner.

How to gain weight step 1: Figure Out Your Calorie level

You should first determine how many calories your body needs daily for maintaining your existing weight. This can be easily done by calculating your resting metabolic rate (RMR). Use this online calculator to calculate your RMR. Once you calculate your RMR, you need to calculate your daily consumption. To do this, you multiply your RMR by 1.15. This is the amount of calories that you must have on a daily basis to maintain your current weight.

How to gain weight step 2: Decide Your Calorie Consumption

Once you figure out your calorie level, you need to determine how many calories you need to consume daily in order to begin putting on weight. Generally for obtaining good results in your quest to gain weight in a healthy way, you must add about 500 calories daily to your existing daily diet. 
If you also decide to work out in the gym or practice any intense physical activity like soccer or tennis for more than 30 minutes a day, you have to add even more calories. For that you should determine how many calories your activity burns and add those calories on to your daily intake, to ensure that you continue to gain weight instead of losing it.

How to gain weight step 3: Eat Smart and Chose Your Food Wisely

Be sure to eat three heavy meals daily, continue snacking in between daily. Drink fruit juice, milk and shakes with your meals or in between to add extra calories. Include nutritious and high calorie foods in your diet like lean meat, Omega 3's, low fat dairy, whole grain breads topped with peanut butter, jelly and hummus etc. 

Eat plenty of healthy veggies and fruits. Use healthy oils like olive oil, canola oil, palm oil and butter for cooking your foods.

How to gain weight step 4: Avoid Unhealthy Processed Foods and Empty Calories

Some processed foods are high in calories, this does not mean you should eat something like that when trying to gain weight. Most of the processed foods contain trans fats and should be avoided to stay healthy and disease free. Avoid processed and packaged foods like cakes, cookies, meats, margarine, shortening and snack foods.

How to gain weight step 5: Exercise

Exercising in the gym and lifting weights will help you convert the extra calories that you are eating into muscle instead of fat. This will stimulate your appetite and increase your metabolism, so that you will need to eat more to maintain your weight.

If you follow these simple steps to put on pounds, you will be able to reach your ideal body weight i a complete healthy and harmless way.

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