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Reiki is considered an energetic, as well as spiritual practice developed in 1922 byJapanese Buddhist Mikao Usui. It is a combination of two Japanese words rei andki meaning universal life energy. Reiki's gift of increased energy and vitality can be extended to anyone. This energetic form of healing has been captured in Andrew's newest tea sensations! Four of Japan's most famous teas have been "reiki charged" andattuned to represent the four Reiki Symbols or "energetic keys" used to enhance and access specific energies.

1. Cho-Ku-Rei Blend
Cho-Ku-Rei Blend - Considered the power symbol, this tea is most often used for increasing physical health. It is recommended for "awakening of the Light from within and from above". Sencha tea is the first flush of the season and is the most popular tea in Japan. It has a mild grassy flavor, is rich in Vitamin C and has excellent health benefits including healthy digestion, a centering demeanor and increases the flow of Ki energy.

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2. Sei-He-Ki Blend
Sei-He-Ki Blend - Known as the emotional and mental healing symbol, this tea is famous for being the key to the heart. It is recommended for "pouring the Light into the heart and the psyche". This delicious red tea earned its name from the reddish copper tint of its leaves and bright red coloring of its liquid. It has been enjoyed for centuries for its high levels of antioxidants, rich, robust taste and long lasting aroma.

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3. Hon-Sha-Ze Blend
Hon-Sha-Ze Blend - also known as Hon-Sha-Ze-Sho-Nen, this is the symbol used for healing great distances. This tea is most noted for Karmic healing. It is recommended for those who wish to empower their lives with the mantra "No past, present or future. As above, so below". This enticing black tea offers cardiovascular strength, lowers blood sugar and when consumed regularly may reduce cancer risk. Black tea has caffeine.

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4. Dai-Ko-Myo Blend
Dai-Ko-Myo Blend - Considered the reiki master symbol, it is used for the great ray of enlightenment. This tea honors the journey for reaching the highest degree of awareness. It is recommended for the "ultimate healing of all suffering". This soothing oolong tea brings a deep, rich aroma and bountiful taste, worthy of a tea that represents our ultimate spiritual path.

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