Avoiding Symmastia in Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation today has vastly been becoming a trend. It has been asked to be performed by women who were a bit disadvantaged when it comes to breast sizes. But then sometimes breast operation may not only focus on additional size, but reduction also.

If not abused, breasts augmentation has helped a lot in women empowerment. But then some may find the average size lacking, this often results to complications. Most complications can be remedied but there are some that may be led to their doom because of greed.

Known Breast Complications from Augmentation
There are known breast complications that may arise from either your own choice or sometimes from your own choice of doctors too.
  1. Double bubble - This complication creates a double breasts crease due to the heavy breast weight and the sagging of the skin. 
  2. Capsular contracture - This happens when the implant is squeezed by the shrinking breast tissues. 
  3. Bottom out - This on the other hand happens when the implants are over weighted and can’t be supported by the breast tissues.Breasts drop also from the bad positioning during the operation. 
  4. Symmastia - This one too is fairly common, when the two implants from the left and the right breasts gets together and form one boob. 

Symmastia and How to Avoid it 
Among the four mentioned, Symmastia is something that most are alarmed and afraid of. When breasts implants touch each other, form a uni-boob, then you may have one great complication form your operation.

Symmastia is characterized by the meeting of the implants just above the collarbone getting that one boob look. But how can this be prevented?
  • Check for your doctors’ credibility. Often credible doctors are the right doctors. They are licensed, trained and well experienced. Their expertise may also be a positive point for it. 
  • Know the procedure yourself. Never go uninformed. 
  • Always be alert of what’s happening in your body. Know when changes come. 
  • Perform the right post operative care. 
But then sometimes, even good doctors may experience such phenomenon. The only way is to go for the revision surgery. This will help correct it. Now, what happens to the surgery?
  • Incisions will be done. This incision will expose the underlying tissue, muscle and the implant itself. The inspection of it all will now start. 
  • When the tissue that is covering the implant has been determined, it will be cut and will be rolled back. This will enable it to fit into the pocket. 
  • The tissue after will be sutured carefully. This will ensure that the implant will be in place no matter what. Muscles then will be sutured; everything will be put back in place. 
  • Everything will be closed. The incisions will be sutured and you’re off for healing. 
Symmastia is experienced by few in breast augmentation. Most of the time it may cause trauma. But then a little counseling might help. And be positive, it can be fixed. After some time, you will be good as new.

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