Get That Celebrity Smile

Are you looking for that celebrity smile? Those gorgeous stars flash their pearly whites, showing off their sparkle and leaves the rest of us in awe. While there are many methods that can help you to obtain your goal, why not take a trip to a dentist in colchester and get it done The Only Way is Essex style!?

Get Celebrity Smile

Dental Methods

The dentist has the power and a range of methods at his disposal to make your teeth shine like the stards of The Only Way is Essex. One of the most popular methods used by celebrities is teeth whitening, also referred to as bleaching. You'll have a gel applied to your teeth, generally one that contains hydrogen peroxide in a powerful, effective concentration. Your visit may last up to an hour and once the gel is rinsed away, you'll notice a dramatic difference in the condition of your teeth as stains are removed from the enamel. If you have particularly stubborn staining, you may have to make more than one visit for optimal results.

Cosmetic dental procedures

In addition to teeth whitening, porcelain veneers and other cosmetic bonding can be applied to produce a sparkling smile. This will cost more money and involve more time in the office. It’s up to you if other methods fail to produce desired results.

After you've made a trip to Essex, you'll want to get your money's worth and that means maintaining that smile. Take good care of your teeth, following good, oral hygiene. Brush after each meal and use mouth wash as well to clear away any debris. You can purchase mouth wash and toothpaste with whitening agents. If possible, avoid smoking as this can wreak havoc on your teeth, not to mention your health.

Maintain that smile

 Immediately after a whitening treatment at the dentist, you'll want to avoid foods and beverages that are dark as they could ruin the effect. You can try using a straw to minimize the risk of staining from beverages. Home whitening kits are a wise idea to use as a follow up at least once a year after a treatment at the dentist's office.

You may not realize it, but there are foods that can help you to make your teeth glow. Strawberries are thought to be helpful in making teeth whiter. You can rub them on your teeth or make them into a paste to be applied for five minutes or so. After treating your teeth, you'll be able to treat yourself to a delicious snack. Eat crunchy foods, such as apples and carrots, after a meal. They'll cleanse your teeth and reduce staining. With care and effort, you will have enduring results making sure that you get that celebrity smile. For a dentist in colchester click here 

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