5 foods for better skin

Tired of using tons of skin serums and mask, learn about foods that give you beautiful skin. Follow a skin-diet that gives you better smooth and clear skin.

You want truly fabulous, glowing, vibrant, smoother, clear and yes---oh ---yes younger-looking skin?  

So, make sure you're putting foods for healthy skin on your plate.

"You are what you eat."

That's what your mom said all along. Now science says so. A group of research personal examined whether the food people eat affects the way their skin looks, and the results were clear, Those who ate more bad fats and simple sugars, such as packaged snack foods (chips, cookies, etc.) and white bread, had more pronounced wrinkles later in life compared to people who ate a diet rich in vitamin C, an antioxidant that helps the body build skin-supporting collagen.

Everything you eat becomes a part of not only your inner being, but the outer fabric of your body as well. The healthier the foods are that you consume, the better your skin will look. There have been many clinical studies that show the connection between healthy food and youthful-looking skin.

You could have sallow skin, dry skin, older-looking skin, but it's not going to happen overnight, if you starve your skin long enough, it's going to show. The less attention we pay to what goes in our mouth, the more problems we may see cropping up with our skin.
A study conducted in Japanese women published in the Journal of Nutrition found that a diet high with healthy fats was associated with greater skin elasticity–that flexibility that makes your skin look tight.

What's more, some health experts believe that when your diet is missing certain foods for healthy skin, other, even more serious skin problems can result and some chronic skin conditions, such as eczema, may be linked to your diet.

What Are the Foods for Healthy Skin?

Most experts say eating a balanced diet is the best way to get your share of good food for healthy skin. Still, a number of specific skin treats are more likely than others to give a boost of glowing good health to your complexion. Here's what experts recommend.....

1) Low-Fat Dairy Products.

Why? One of the most important components of skin health is vitamin A. One of the best places to get it is low-fat dairy products. In fact, experts say that the health of our skin cells is dependent on dietary vitamin A.

Nutrition experts says it's very important to eat vitamin-A rich dairy foods if you have either diabetes or a thyroid condition. Many people who have these problems can't convert the beta carotene to vitamin A, which is the form found in many foods that we normally associate with vitamin A, such as carrots. Carrots are high in beta-carotene, which your body converts to vitamin A, Vitamin A helps repair skin tissue and protects against free radical damage from the sun and environment.

Vitamin A found in dairy products is truly in a ready to use form which everybody's skin can use. Dairy products like low-fat yogurt is not only high in vitamin A, but also contains "live" bacteria that is good for intestinal health. Anything that helps keep digestion normal, any live bacteria or enzymes are definitely going to help in your quest for healthy skin.
2. Citrus fruits

Why? Citrus fruits like kiwi and orange contain vitamin C which helps to make your skin taut and smooth. Vitamin C also may fight inflammation, and its antioxidant properties can neutralize the free radicals (highly reactive oxygen molecules) that damage cells and can prematurely age your face. Vitamin C is the basic ingredient in tons of skin creams. This vitamin aids in the body's production of collagen, a protein that forms the basic structure of your skin, Collagen breakdown, which starts speeding up significantly around the age of 35, can leave your skin saggy. 

Consuming extra vitamin C in foods like oranges, kiwi, grapefruits, Acerola cherries (a single Acerola has 100 percent of your vitamin C for the day) and tomatoes can help tighten the skin and prevent wrinkles. Tomatoes are packed with lycopene, an antioxidant that helps prevent against the sun damage that contributes to wrinkles, acne, red and brown spots, and skin cancer. Also a cup of kiwifruit offers more than double your daily need for vitamin C! One study found that kiwi can double collagen synthesis in the skin, and to a lesser degree, stimulate fibroblast growth, which helps build stronger skin that is less likely to show lines.

3. Sea foods

Why? The primary nutrients that makes fish so good for your complexion are zinc and, omega-3 fatty acids. Increasing omega-3 intake can reduce dryness and inflammation. Inflammation can cause skin to age faster, clinical research shows that getting too little omega-3 may contribute to inflammatory disorders like eczema and psoriasis. Omega-3 fatty acids can also help keep the heart's arteries clear and so improve circulation. Good circulation is crucial to skin health.Zinc can help fight acne because it's involved in metabolizing testosterone, which affects the production of an oily substance called sebum, a primary cause of acne. Zinc also assists in new-cell production and the sloughing off of dead skin, which gives the skin a nice glow.

Most of us have heard that fish can be really good for your overall health. Many types of fish and shellfish can also work wonders for the skin, especially oysters and fatty fish like salmon. Salmon is the richest source of omega-3 fatty acids, a cholesterol-lowering healthy fat that is primarily known for preventing heart disease. In the skin, its anti-inflammatory power helps to prevent redness and wrinkle development. Sunlight is the main trigger for inflammation in the skin. Healthy fats also aid with keeping skin supple, so if you have dry, flaky skin, go fishy! Tuck in some oysters and emerge with a pearly complexion.

4. Eggs

Why? Whole eggs contain the amino acid lutein. Lutein is a carotenoid best known for eye health, as it can prevent and, to some extent, reverse vision loss. In the skin, lutein works to fend off free radical damage as well as increase skin elasticity. Eggs are anti-aging superhero. Eggs contain all 9 essential amino acids, are highly concentrated with vitamins and minerals.

The humble egg has a whole host of hidden beauty secrets that keep our skin looking young and fresh – it’s the perfect mix of skin proteins to keep collagen and elastin fibers supple, making them a true skin super food. The lecithin found in eggs also helps repair skin tissues, as well as keeping cell membranes strong and slowing the ageing process.

It’s not just our skin that reaps the benefit – eggs can also help give hair an extra dose of conditioning too, perfect if your hair is suffering after summer. 
Eggs are also high in sulfur, an essential nutrient that helps with everything from vitamin B absorption to liver function. But sulfur is also necessary for the production of collagen and keratin, which help create and maintain shiny hair, strong nails and glowing skin.

5. Nuts 

Why? The good thing about nuts is they contain active component Vitamin E which helps to keep your skin Young and soft. Vitamin E combats skin-aging free radicals, protecting skin from sun damage due to UV-sunlight-generated free radicals. Vitamin E also tends to help skin hold in moisture, relieving dryness and making skin look younger.

Especially Almonds contain good amount of vitamin E, which acts as an antioxidant that helps clear away toxins and protect skin cells from UV rays and other environmental factors. Almonds, Pistachios and walnuts also contain omega 3 fatty acids a great nutrient in skin health. Make a mixture of honey, almond oil and lemon juice, apply it as a face mask on your face, your skin will revitalize quickly.

Now, as you know great foods for your skin, achieving great-looking skin through dietary changes doesn't have to be so specific. A healthy body means healthy skin. Just feed your body good, healthy foods, get some exercise and keep your stress low, and your skin will reap the benefits.

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