Celebrities And Hair Transplants

No matter how invincible celebs may seem, they also have to battle problems like hair loss. The following is a list of celebs who decided that getting a hair transplant was the ultimate solution to their quickly balding scalp.

Celebrities Hair Transplants

Declan Donnelly

Declan Donnelly, host of the much celebrated show Britain’s Got Talent, sported his thinning hair for years. It wasn’t until a year back that he decided to take matters in his hands and voila, the next time the world got to witness a thatch that was looking thicker than ever before. While he decided to keep things hush-hush as to how he accomplished the miraculous growth of hair, it is speculated that he had a hair transplant.

Wayne Rooney

Wayne Rooney also decided to tackle his tresses as soon as he noticed that his hair was thinning out. According to sources, he went under the knife for a Follicular Unit Extraction which cost him around £13,500. He did not hesitate to tell his fans that he was going bald at 25 and that he was delighted by the results.

Louis Walsh

The charming judge from X factor did not shy away from spending a handsome amount on this procedure when his close friends and acquaintances told him that his hair was thinning. His choice was the Ultra Refined Follicular Unit Transplantation. He is now happily flaunting a fuller head of hair.

James Nesbitt

The star from Cold Feet became obsessed with hair loss as he feared that it was going to reflect badly on his career. He had to undergo two hair transplants after he accepted that the issue was a big concern for him. He was pleased with the results and said that the procedure actually changed his life.

Gordon Ramsay

Unlike others, things were not as good for Gordon Ramsay. The chef’s attempt to improve hair density went bad when he developed an allergy to the anesthesia used in the procedure. He was witnessed wearing a surgical cap, with his trademark scowl on his swollen face. He then went to experts who performed the surgery on him for 12 hours. Thankfully, the second time things went as planned.

Rob Brydon

Featured in Gavin and Stacey, the star seemed to have mysteriously grown lots of hair in 2009. Rumors started brewing that it was the result of a hair transplant. Instead of accepting or denying a transplant, he joked about it when he said that for some unknown reason, his head seemed warmer and that he couldn’t put a finger on why that was happening.

Jason Gardiner

After hiding his scalp under hats for years, the judge from Dancing on Ice happily spent £30’000 on a hair transplant. It took eight hours to complete the surgery.

The celeb was delighted with the results and was beyond happy to see his hair growing naturally in less than a year with body fue hair technique.

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